Precision Component Design & Services
Advanced Developments

Helical Modelling and Component Design

The company has specialised for many years in modelling and manufacturing precision helical profiles. A powerful tool in this field is the Holroyd Profile Management Software (HPMS). This is employed in the development and control of profiles for screw rotors, vacuum and pump screws etc. Clearance, contact and backlash checks are carried out to assess the suitability of the design, and the machinability of the profiles. Profiles can be checked for and expertly modified as needed for either finished milling or finished grinding processes. Specialist mathematical software has been developed over many years.

Working with our long-standing partners, eg in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we offer support in the following areas:

Screw Compressors, including CFD modelling

Design, prototype manufacture, and testing

Spur, helical and worm gears

Design, prototype manufacture, and testing

Noise reduction studies
  • Compressor noise reduction by compensation of predicted transmission errors from manufacturing errors, misalignments, deflections and thermal distortions.
  • Continuous clearance, backlash, and transmission error measurement with high accuracy (subject to machine availability).
  • Gear noise reduction by analysis of loaded transmission error, with topological relief design.
Other components

Modelling and prototype design services are available for other components, eg:

Machinery and process design
  • Process design for efficient production of helical components, including rotors, gears, broaches, thread rolling dies, vacuum and pump screws, worms, splines, threads
  • Automated cell design with process output & cost modelling
  • Market studies for machine tools
  • Pre-contract review for special machine tools and manufactured parts
  • Machine tool and measurement systems: design, specification (including software), manufacture, testing and evaluation
  • Statistical capability studies, accuracy measurements, and acceptance criteria advice (not limited to Holroyd machines)
  • Machinery trouble-shooting, eg dynamic analysis and measurements
  • Machine fire investigations (with insurance loss adjusters)
  • Multi-axis process design for complex parts, eg aerospace & medical
Other Activities
  • Maintaining our diverse consultancy network, including multi-lingual capability, to ensure key expertise can be accessed when needed
  • Collaborative projects with universities
  • Conference papers
  • Active membership of Trade bodies (MTA, BGA, etc.)
  • Involvement in BSI and ISO standards, eg: ISO TC 39 WG 12: Low energy design of machine tools
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